【Gal】【PC】Liber_7 献给在永劫终末等待着的你


Kouryoukan Academy student Naoto keeps a secret even from his closest friends. It is his ability to read and write into the memories of others by merely touching them. While he could have easily abused this power, he considers it too much of a bother and carries on his life as normal.

However, threatening events began to frequently happen around him as Tanabata approached: the discovery of a mangled corpse of a girl, a large terrorist blast with civilian casualties, and the disappearance of his osananajimi Saaya. He was perplexed at the events which unfolded, but when a girl showed up to kill him, he found out that the town had become a stage for a fight to the death between combatants with superpowers.

He managed to flee just as he was about to be killed. Then, it struck midnight and a blinding light enveloped the area. When he came to his senses, he found himself back three days earlier.

Naoto is one of 7 ‘rebellion’ chosen by some mysterious figure. He must kill the other six, otherwise the world will be destroyed in 3 days. The victor would have the power to grant any wish as the new ‘God’.



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